Where does

it go?

Your gifts to Wake Forest United Methodist Church help to make and nurture Christian disciples. Contributions help make happen our desire for worship, education, fellowship, outreach, and caring. We highly value transparency in our budgeting and reporting.


When I give to Wake Forest United Methodist Church, where does my money go?​


Your giving helps further our mission through the General Fund, which underwrites the ministries & maintenance of our local congregation, such as staff salaries; ministries serving children, youth, and adults; building costs and insurance; mortgage and reduction of building debt; and reserves for the long-term maintenance of our buildings and grounds. This fund also extends beyond our congregation to support many local charitable agencies, plus our share in the global missions and ministries of The United Methodist Church.

Who sees my giving information?


Information on pledges and giving is a sacred trust that is held in confidence in the Financial Secretary’s office.


Why does the Church ask for an “estimate of giving” toward next year?


An “estimate of giving” provides reasonable expectations of the income the church will receive for the coming year, and thus helps the Finance Committee plan the church’s annual budget. The total amount of all pledges helps the Committee prudently estimate that income and thus establish a realistic expense budget for all of our ministries.