Our Mission

As a connectional church, we are a part of a denomination (The United Methodist Church) that has an amazing mission:  To make disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.


Here at Wake Forest United Methodist Church we seek to live into that mission in a specific way:

Our mission is reaching out to all in the name of Jesus Christ.


We believe that by reaching out toward all people like Jesus did (all really does mean all!), we can be a part of God’s work to make disciples (people who follow Jesus and are trying to live like he did) and transform the world for good.  When people truly feel like they belong and that they are loved in community with others, God can do amazing work in us to shape us into committed Jesus followers, and through us, to change our communities.  We reach out because God first reached out to us.  Our posture is outward toward the world in love hoping that all would come to know the love of God in Christ Jesus.


Jesus Loves You. He loves you so much that he was willing to sacrifice his life so that you will know salvation and abundant life. At WFUMC we celebrate His life and teachings through His ministry. Yes…His ministry, because we are merely the stewards of the Good News. We are His hands in this world. Through His ministry the good news is spreading, families are spiritually nurtured, the word of God is spoken, and children and people everywhere know that Jesus loves them. At WFUMC you will find a Christian community that will embrace you and your family and welcome you in the warm and loving arms of Christian fellowship.