Sunday School

We grow best as disciples together.  Here are groups to help you grow.

B3 Groups: Belong to a family. Become more like Jesus Together. Bless your neighbors and community.   

  • A B3 Group is an extended family of 20-40 servants on mission dedicated to following Jesus Christ and helping people become and grow as his disciples. 

  • These groups meet regularly in a shared rhythm of life. B3 Groups are highly invitational, reproducible, and simple with the goal of multiplying and creating new communities for disciple making. 

What do B3 Groups Do?

  • Gatherings: At Gatherings, people meet in someone’s home for a shared meal, a time of sharing thanksgiving, worship, a devotion and a time of prayer. They typically last 1.5 hours.

  • Blessing: B3 groups each have a particular missional focus that they commit to together.  Each month they serve there.

  • Celebrations: Basically, a party.  Christians have plenty of reasons to celebrate.  This is a great chance to invite friends and build relationships.


Current B3 Groups

Tyler and Lauren Williams 

Michael and Joy Craig

Beth and Chip Stout

Mike and Melissa Swanson

Dave King and Bruce Allen


Fellowship Class:  The class uses contemporary and traditional Bible Study lessons that are selected as a class and based around class discussion.  We are support group of friends as we walk our daily Christian walk.  Contact Susan Rogers (919-556-1994).  Meets in the Education Building, upper level.

Renewal Class: We use the International Sunday School lesson for "Adult Bible Studies".  We take a deeper look at assigned passages of scripture; examine why it was written, in what circumstances, and then discuss how the passage affects us in our daily work in Christ. Contact Linda Klose (919-556-2293).  Meets in the Office Building, upper level.

Seeker's Class:  Our lessons are generally in a series format.  We offer adults a chance to air their views in a non-judgmental environment.  We have social activities outside of class as well.  Contact Dave Eaton (919-341-4912).  Meets in the Office Building, upper level.

Sunday School


United Methodist Men: Meet on the first Tuesday of the month at 6:45 in the Family Life Center.  Contact: Dave Bryant (dabryant47@gmail.com)

United Methodist Women:  Meet on second Wednesday of the month in the Worship Center Parlor.  Contact: Edna Powers (flowerscats@gmail.com)

Cracked Pots: Group of people who care for the church property, make it look beautiful, don't mind getting their hands dirty and enjoy doing it together!  Meet on second and fourth Tuesdays at 9 am at WFUMC.  Contact: Linda Klose (LindaKlose@embarqmail.com)

Men of Faith: Early morning prayer/study group meeting on Fridays at 7:00 am at WFUMC in the office building. Contact: Bob Gallagher (bobggallagher@gmail.com)

Memory Makers: Older Adult ministry (Age 55 and older) every third Wednesday at noon in the Family Life Center. Contact: Anne Zeneski (abzeneski@me.com)

Intercessory Prayer: Group prays before worship on Sunday mornings for everyone who will come that day. Contact: Rev. Ken Steigler (revgken@gmail.com)